Saturday, February 24, 2007

Twist and Shout

What a phenominal couple of days it has been! For those who don't know I am currently in Nashville, TN and the largest balloon artist convention in America. Can you imagine puttin nearly 300 of your best friends who also happen to be entertainers in one room? It is amazing and a breath of fresh air. Personally, I haven't learned too many new sculptures yet as I am taking several business classes. I have to say that Laura Caldwell and Steve Jones are my new heroes (I almost wrote herpes and that while misspelled would still be bad). They have taught me so much about marketing myself. We really are worth so much more than we think. That is not just balloon twisters, but everyone that continues to improve on themselves. Well I have had about 2 hours of sleep as we stay up all night twisting an laughing so I will now leave. Stay tuned for further updates on the greatest convention ever!

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