Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Star Outreach

I had a blast today. God was extraordinarily gracious in allowing me to go out and proclaim the gospel at the All Star Game today.

At first I didn't think I could do it. I have an upper respiratory infection and sound like Darth Vader breathing. I'm winded walking down the steps, but I made it through.

It started off as a great blessing because my friend Jeremy went with me and since the last few times I've gone it has been alone that was a great encouragement. We were also able to get really close parking for only $10.

We started by going and visiting my pastor's wife and daughter at Hardee's. They won tickets to the game and were wandering around. After a brief stop with them we went and met Bill and some on other preachers from Sports Fan Outreach International Most of them are from Atlanta.

All of those guys were a blessing. They were all older and most had been evangelists for years. Some were retired and had become full time since their retirement. they make me think of John Piper's "Don't Waste your Life" message. I pray that should Christ tarry that I should be allowed to preach until I'm dead and be an encouragement to others as they were to me.

I'm still praying more older men and women from my own church would join me on the streets.

We handed out a total of 350 tracts. I hand 250 or so Obama millions and some "round tuits." People loved the Obama Millions and it was a blessing to watch them read the true gospel.

(Side note: I completely understand some people not liking the Obama Millions. Bill and his team had some tracts I wouldn't want to pass out. But the main thing is that the gospel goes out. I urge you to find a tract you like that presents the gospel of Christ and pass those out fervently. The Word of God will not return void.)

Sadly, we quickly ran out of tracts. I just put a large order in for more so hopefully we'll be back with those soon.

I got separated from Jeremy for a while and wandering trying to start up some conversations without much luck. I did manage to get some free stuff though.

I met back up with Jeremy and we went and met some other street preachers. the first one we saw was this sassy black lady (I say that with due respect) who said her name was Evangelist Turner. She cracked me up. She was very bold in sharing the gospel of Christ.

Then we saw Chap, Zachary, and Franklin. I'm pretty sure all this men were retired. They were all street preachers Atlanta. Zach actually used the phrase "Turn or Burn" while open air preaching which made me laugh. He was a "unique" brother. I also heard Chap preach a bit as well. Chap's son is a missionary to Peru.

My voice has been hurting all day, but I was really inspired by these mean and wanted to get one message out. The DJ had momentarily stopped so I presented the gospel.

Then my favorite part of the day happened. Zach and Chap encouraged (they were a little pushy, but they're age allows them to get away with it) Jeremy to preach. Jeremy had never open aired before and his personality isn't one that leads itself to being out front alone, but with they're encouragement and more importantly with the power of the Holy Spirit Jeremy agreed to read in the open air and I would close with the gospel. Jeremy shared from the Sermon on the Mount.

I ain't going to lie. I was about in tears watching and hear my brother read. He was obviously nervous and he spoke softly, but God was glorified.

I preached one more time after my brother read and my voice was shot.

We then went around and got pictures with all the other evangelist and exchanged info. It is a great blessing to know there are others sharing and proclaiming the gospel out there.

We had to leave about 6 to make it to my apartment for what was suppose to be Bible study, but several guys were out so we watched Ee-Taow a story about the Mouk tribe coming to Christ and taking the gospel to other tribes. Yep, I cried like a baby thinking about the Word going to people who had never heard it.

To close the day I watched video of my last trip to Honduras. Amazing how my heart still longs for that foreign country. Perhaps God will allow me to lead a short term trip there some day soon.

I used to think that we were to share the gospel as a blessing to others. While that may be partially true I can't help but realize what a great blessing it is to me. Ever since I started street preaching my heart is more full than ever with the joy of the gospel and while I'm still nervous each time I proclaim the gospel it cannot compare to the comfort of Christ. I long for more to know that feeling.


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