Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Is it really supposed to be like this? The fighting, the ridicule, the finger pointing? Is this what Christ had in mind?
We complain a lot about how screwed up the world is out there. The abortion, divorce, war, etc. But the world is supposed to be like that. The world is lost. The world is bound by sin. So from those bound by sin we should expect such things and not judge the lost for God has set their judgment as He has ours. But is the church supposed to be like that as well?
As most of you know I am a 5 point Calvinist, which mean I believe God has ordained all and is in ultimate control, but according to scripture the church should not be a small microcosm of the world.
The church is in such a distress right now and considering who we serve this should not be possible if we were truly serving Him. In this blog I want to take a minute to look at one specific reason we may be in such dire straights.
I think it is because we have lost all forms of trust in the church, especially when it comes to confession of sin. We no longer are willing to come forth to our brothers and sisters in Christ and admit there is a challenge we face with sin in our lives. But if that sin is discovered the entire body of Christ quickly jumps for the kill.
Here is the question I pose to both myself and my readers: If you are dealing with a sin would you feel comfortable divulging that sin to someone like you?
If there was some struggle in your life and everyone in your church was likely to react as you would if you told them, would you be willing to confess that sin?
What reaction do you have when you hear of someone's failings?
Do you laugh? "I knew it; I knew they were too good to be true."
Do you spread the word? "Hey George, guess what I found out."
Do you get angry? "That *****, I can't believe he would do that!"
Are you jealous because you didn't know earlier? "He should have said something."
Are you in disbelief? "I can't believe that he would.., him of all people."
Are you broken and hurt? "How could he do this to me?"
Are you speechless?
Maybe you experience all those emotions as it processes in your mind. Maybe you are just numb for a while. Whatever your initial response is, there is only one final response that will honor God, prayer. Prayer that that person will come out of sin, that they will be healed with God's power, and God will be glorified.
If that was our response to a confession of sin how much stronger would the church be? How much stronger would we be?
Is it appropriate to judge those that claim the name of Christ? Yes. We are to judge the sins of believers because if we do not the sin will continue, and a full fellowsip with God cannot be realized. But we are to judge as God judges, out of holiness, out of love, and through the blood of Christ.
So what are we to do about this trust issue? Here is the first step: Be honest with yourself about your own sinfulness. Remember that you need a savior too. Step 2: Now that you realize you failings when you hear of others do for them what you ask for yourself. Step 3: Trust someone with confession your sin. Every one of them, not just the small ones that we consider to be frivolous sin (though there is no such thing). Take the risk and pray God will receive the glory from it and bless you with a friendly ear.
Remember those you confess your sins too may not always follow those principles. They may spit in your face and tell the world. But He who saved you is there to comfort you. Be obedient to Him alone, and bear the cross of Christ with His strength. It is not easy to share that we are failures, but scripture demands it.
James 5:16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.
When we bear our burdens together the load is lighter, and the journey shorter.
I'm about to do something that I may regret, but I feel it necessary to prove my point. Below is a list of every sin I have dealt with both past and present. It is not an exhaustive list as many times I sin and do not even realize it. I tell you this for several reasons. First, my God has forgiven me and is bringing or has brought me out of each one and He receives the glory for that. The victory was won at the Cross, and I'm just battling myself and the enemy that hasn't gotten the message yet. Second, I desire you to realize I write these words out of personal conviction and not mere judgment on others. Third, I ask for prayer over these sins that I may still face. Finally, I pray it will shed some light on sin in your life that you may confess it before God and man, and join me in broken repentance.
Lust, Pride, Jealousy, Covetedness, Racism, Slothfulness, Gluttony, Theft, Disrespect of authority, Idolatry, Hatred, Lying, Betrayal, and Blasphemy.
My sins are great, but I serve a God greater than them. Judge as you wish, but my lot has been cast, and my chains have been broken. I am freed.
What about you?
In God we Trust,
Jason Vaughn


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You have a good heart.

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