Friday, July 29, 2005

Louisville Freedom

Wow! What a day it has been. I finished up in Western Civ. with a 100 on the final and ended summer school finally. So I was excited about having a few days off to relax and get ready for regular school when I get a call from a friend at Southern Seminary. He is coming down here to be ordained later in the week and he called to give me the details. Anyway, he mentioned I should come up there this week to visit his new church. I have no idea why but something in me decided to go. After a few calls to get the money and an hour later I have a Greyhound ticket to Louisville, KY that leaves at 6:25 am. How completely random is that? I have never been on a bus in my life and now I’m traveling tomorrow by myself. So weird, but I love the weird. So within an hour and a half my plans have completely changed. I hope y’all will pray for me on this trip because after the ticket I have no money to buy food or anything. I don’t know why, but I’m really excited. Maybe God is planning something completely amazing on this trip. Pray I will be open to His guidance.
Here is the other thing I was thinking about today. Isn’t it completely amazing that we live in a country that we can just pick up and go 550 miles and not get anyone permission? I mean, there really are so few places where that is possible. I was listening to an Assemblies of God speaker last night and he made a great point. In this country at this time we have more freedom than any other people or place in history and the majority of us just waste it. We have the freedom of speech, but what do we say? We have the freedom of the press, but what do we write? We have the freedom to travel, but where do we go? We have freedom of religion, but we do believe? And we have freedom to learn anything in the world on any subject, but most of us sit in front of a television watching a sitcom and wasting what God gave us. “I came to the realization that God didn’t create me to watch TV, but to be on TV.” We have all the freedom in the world, but what good is it if we never use it?
As I step onto that bus tomorrow I hope to be eternally thankful because anyone has the right to be on that bus and anyone can sit where they want on that bus. That is such a minor freedom, but may we never take it for granted.
Remember me in your prayers as you are in mine.

In God we Trust,
Jason Vaughn

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Brad Todd said...

"In this country at this time we have more freedom than any other people or place in history and the majority of us just waste it."

I teach an adult Sunday School class, have been teaching it about as long as you have been alive..I've often made the same type of "we have more freedom than any other people that have ever walked the face of this planet" comment to them, it's true.

We are truly blessed, I believe the Lord will ask us one day , "what did you do with the gift of freedom you were given?"

Have a good trip on that bus, have an adventure..

God bless you