Sunday, October 09, 2005

Boring Sin

I hate boredom. You would think with all the miracles of technology we would never be bored. Personally, I think one of the major reasons for boredom is our lack of creativity. We are spoon fed answers all of our life and then all of the God given talent is just drained out of us because we haven’t used it in a decade and a half since school started.
It is fall break and I came home for the couple of days. Yesterday, I was supposed to do a gig for Paws in the Falls, but I arrived and no one was there. Apparently they canceled and didn’t bother telling me. Then I went to the Christian Film Festival at Hollywood 20. I volunteered for a while then watched movies. If you are in the area you should go and help out or just watch some movies. Some are cheesy, but others, like Luther, are really good. It is also probably the only time you will hear an alter call in a movie theatre.
So back to boredom. I went to my home church today and since then I have been sitting around with nothing to do. You know the saying “Idle hands are the Devil’s playground.” I think I am definitely proving it today. I like having the break, but it is really boring since most of my friends are at North Greenville. It seems that it should be easy to fight temptations, but it seems I just keep falling. That is why I like being at school. At least there is some accountability there.
So now I am trying to distract myself by blogging. If nothing else this has helped to put my focus back on track and on God. I’ll probably go back to the film festival tomorrow. Maybe, I’ll see some of you there. God Bless.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Jason Vaughn

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Broken Messenger said...


Don't forget the Word. You can always read! I can emphathize, however, I spent an hour and half watching a football game today I had no vested interest. But, hey, it was so important afterall that I see Alabama kick a winning field goal over Ole' Miss when I have upteen Bibles and commentaries laying around collecting dust in my study.