Monday, January 05, 2009

The sorrow of my soul

I have found myself weeping multiple times today.

This morning as I was preparing for church I received an e-mail from someone I considered a dear friend. In this e-mail I was called harsh words and even compared to Hitler.

Why was this person so angry? Because I had written a posted a note on facebook that stated all those that do not know Christ are going to Hell for their sins.I cannot and will not stop sharing this message. For those that come to Christ it is the most beautiful message they will ever hear and for those that do not it is truly a horrifying message.

Because of this message I have lost 2 people I loved dearly. They have even removed me from their facebook friends. But that is not why I weep though it does sadden me.

I weep for 2 reasons and when I say weep I truly mean weep. Multiple times this day a strong sorrow has welled up in me and lead me to near convulsion in tears.

The first reason for this sorrow is that it has caused me to look at myself and wonder why has it taken such a long time for this gospel I believe to offend them. It has led me to realize that had i truly been as bold and as truthful to those I love most of them would have grown to hate me long ago. The gospel of Jesus Christ is offensive. It is sharp. It will separate those that love God from those that hate God. Oh Lord that I had spoken your truth sooner and more directly. May God give me the stregnth and courage to do so.

The second reason is that these people I love are still bound to Hell. They have heard the truth and rejected it and by their sin they will be condemned. I am weeping over their souls. Longing that they come to Christ and repent. Not just them, but so many more that I love and are going to suffer under God's wrath unless He changes their hearts.

Oh God I thank you for showing me the truth. I thank you that you are mighty and merciful and you have a people you are calling to yourself. I ask that you would call my friends out of their sin and unto your Son. I ask that you would give me the boldness to offend when I must, but the compassion to do so in love. Lord, I ask that in the midst of this pain I feel that you would make the joy of my salvation known. You have broken me this day and I thank you, but may you now rebuild my heart to be more like yours.

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