Sunday, January 11, 2009

You will be Judged!

I was listening to a pastor from my church's Grace Camp Meeting and he made some great points concerning how we will be judged when we stand before God at the end of days.

1) We will be judged for what have done.
For every deed and every thought we will be held accountable to a holy God.

2) We will be judged for what we didn't do.
For every time we dishonored God by not doing what He commanded of us we will be held accountable.

3) We will be held accountable for everything we would have done if not for the grace of God.
We are completely evil, but yet even as bad as we are we would be infinitely worse if God's common grace were not on us. The "good" we do is still only from God's grace. If not for His common grace each of us make men such as Hitler look as though he were a boy scout.

So here is the point: Are you ready to be judged for all of this? How will you stand before God when it is over? If you say it is by your good deeds then know you still owe the little good you've done to God.

The only way to stand before a holy God in the end is with Christ. Seek after Christ. Know that if you do He will save you and when He saves you He will send the Holy Spirit into you crying Abba Father! And then you will stand before God not as an enemy standing before a judge, but as a son standing before his father.

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