Saturday, September 24, 2005

Strange Convictions

So I have recently realized that I have some really strange convictions compared to most of my peers. The majority of these have to do with relationships and specifically marriage. Now these convictions have only really come about in the last few years as I dove into the Scriptures. Before I start writing about these I want to make clear that these are personal convictions of the Holy Spirit and I do not consider it a sin for others to take part in these particular practices, but I do believe it would be a sin for me to as I would go against my conscious and conviction of the Holy Spirit.
The first is that of kissing. I really want my first kiss to be on my wedding day. I believe the most intimate joining between a man and a woman is that of two lips touching. This is the first and most important meeting two souls joined together. This joining in marriage is not merely a contract, but a testimony and picture of the bride of Christ. It seems that if this picture is to remain pure we cannot go around kissing every other “god” around. As I said this is a personal conviction of mine.
The second conviction is that pertaining to contraceptives. I know, strange blog topic. I hold to the belief that contraceptives are a useless waste. Most of you out there will agree that if God wants to give you children He will not be stopped by contraceptives, but strangely enough you also believe that by using them God will be forced to give you more children than He intended. I hold to the belief that if children are a gift from God then why should we bother trying to prevent these blessings? If God has a set number of blessings to give us then it does not seem fisable to spend money trying to stop that process. I know the argument is “But God gave you common sense not have kids that you cannot support.” First off we do not support anything. God is the provider and if He gives us a gift it is His to provide. Secondly, if God is giving you the kids He wants you to have then why is a condom, etc. going to change His blessings. I believe it also important to make the comment while many children are born out of unholy relations this does not make the child any less a gift from God. We can not base our view off of experience over the Word of God. As I said before this is a personal conviction and not one that should necessarily be taught in our churches. You should all waste as much money on contraceptives as you like (jk).
I write this because I think it is an interesting topic of conversation that shows the various convictions of Christians. I think it gives insight to our thoughts about God as well. Hey, what do I know, I’m just a lowly sinner saved by grace.

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