Saturday, September 10, 2005

take action

So I was trying to think of something good to create conversation and I figured affirmative action abolishment would do the trick. So this will be short bur I want to get your thoughts on it.
I understand why affirmative action was started and it was probably needed at the time, but I really do think its time has passed. Having racial quotas is not only unconstitutional it is harmful to race relations in this country. Hiring should not be based on race, but on qualifications. If a company has a position open and a more qualified white man applies versus an unqualified black man a company should not have to suffer simply because of a quota. Now I realize that racism is still a problem, but I do not think a broad sweeping regulation such as affirmative action should be in place. I believe that each company where discrimination is taking place should be investigated, and if the allegations are true that company should be severely punished by the court of law.
Understand, I am not coming at this out of racism, but the opposite. Affirmative action creates a sense that certain people need help because they aren’t good enough to be hired on their own. It creates government sponsored racism.
If any of my brothers and sisters in Christ are reading this and you struggle with racism, whether black, white, hispanic, or asian , I strongly encourage you to repent because if we cannot show each other love then we cannot love Christ.

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