Monday, August 04, 2008

Being Accountable

I am learning so much at Rockport Baptist and praise God for bringing me to this amazing church. One of the greatest lessons I am learning is about being accountable to the leadership of the church. I have gone to churches of all sizes in the past, but never has a church been so concerned about the spiritual lives of it's members.

This is really on my mind today because tonight I begin meeting with on of the elders, Will Jackson, to learn about walking closer to Christ and leading a godly life. Truthfully, I am nervous because Will is one of the godliest men I know and he is very quiet. I don't like silence so this should be interesting.

I know there is so much I can learn from this man and I wish that I had men of God offering to shepherd me when I younger.

From Scripture it seems this should be an integral part of every church, but yet it lost it a vast majority of American churches.

We have small groups and councils and committees, but where is the one on one accountability in the church?

I think part of the problem is that so few older men in the church truly walk with God that it would be difficult for them to help others.

So this is a call to all men, old and young.

To the old men, if you are walking with Christ then offer to mentor a young man. If you are not yet mature in Christ, then seek Him diligently and find guidance for yourselves.

To the young men, find a godly elder in the church and seek his guidance. We are so prone to fall in our flesh that we must have someone to help us walk and not stumble in Christ.

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