Monday, August 18, 2008

What a Family!

Praise God for an amazing evening in Christ. After a great concert from First Baptist of Fenton's Youth Choir several of us sat in the parking lot talking. After a while it dwindled down to just five of us.

We began to share questions about life and from Scripture. Then we started to share our testimonies and the amazing work o God in our lives.

What a blessing it was. We shared and rejoiced (at times with tears) in the Lord until 12:30am.

We shared stories of screwed up families and our messed up sinful lives and we praised God for giving us a greater family in Christ and that His grace is sufficient to cover and change even the greatest of sinners among us.

God is awesome. I doubt my parking lot crew will ever really know what tonight meant to me. It truly was of the Lord.

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Valerie Hunter said...

Amen Jason! It was a wonderful time of fellowship. God truly blessed last night.