Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Help! I'm going to jail!

Okay not real jail, but MDA jail. I've been recruited on Aug. 27th to spend an hour in jail and I must raise $2008 to get myself out. I've been a huge supporter of MDA Jerry's Kids for many years now and love the word they do. This year is especially important though as last November I lost a dear brother in Christ to Muscular Dystrophy.

So in his honor I'll be raising the funds. If any of you would be willing to help raise donations at your work or elsewhere it would be greatly appreciated. The event is at the Ameristar from 9-5 on Aug. 27th and I'll be in jail from 2-3.

You can make donations and find out more about the event at:


Please pass that along to others that could help.

BTW my friend's name was Joseph Dennie and his wife was pregnant when he died. Little Joseph was recently born and could very likely have MD as well (I'm not sure on the heredity though). Please pray for Leanna and Joseph Dennie Jr.

As I said Joseph was a dear friend in Christ and I wanted to share the note I posted on facebook in memory of him soon after his death. I pray that my life may touch others as his did.

As some of you may have noticed from my status I lost a good friend this week. This is a note to remember him. Some of you knew him really well but others of you I just wish would have.My friend's name was Joseph Dennie. He was 23 and he had muscular dystrophy. Most people would look at the guy and the wheelchair and think that defined him, but anyone that knew Joe at all would know that wasn't the case. The only thing Joe was ever defined by was Christ and Christ alone.

Because of the MD he couldn't carry a Bible around easily so he had decided to do as David said and "hide it in his heart." He had memorized five books by the time we graduated high school. He was also a phenomenal speaker/preacher.

I remember one time when he spoke of having to overcome his anger at God because of the MD and there was not a dry eye in the room. Joe was a guy that was just full of joy because it didn't come from his circumstances it came from his God. He was also a guy that was always full of hope. I think it was that made him so memorable and why he went farther than the statistics said he would.

The statistics said he would never graduate a normal high school. He did and that day we gave him a standing ovation. The statistics said he would never graduate college. He did and went on to start his masters. The statistics said he would never fall in love and marry. He did. Unfortunately, like most people we grew apart after high school but the last time I spoke to him all he could talk about was Leanna. Apart from Christ I don't think anything made him happier than her.To Joseph congratulations bro. You endured to the end. With you I rejoice.To Leanna thank you loving my friend. For your lose I will weep with you.To those of us who had any time at all with him we were blessed by his life.As I said the only thing that ever truly defined Joseph was Christ. I've seen people post that a great way to honor his memory is to donate to muscular dystrophy research. While that is great aspiration and a worthy cause I believe that its better to remember Joseph by reminding others of the God he loved. The God that called Joseph out of his sins to Himself. The God that would sacrifice His own son on a cross to adopt Joseph as an heir. The God that would keep him by His grace until the end. And the God that welcomed him into paradise when we lost him. That is the God that Joseph spent his life serving and preaching. I pray you know this God just as Joseph did. That you would believe and hope and be joyful and impact others for Christ just as Joseph did. Remember him by by remembering his God. May God comfort us all in our grief.

Thanks again for those that can help raise funds. Remember the funds do not only go research but to help families and camps.

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